suzanne schreve
A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.
— Graham Greene

“Stories have to be told or they die.
And when they die we cant remember who we are or why we're here.”
-Sue Monk Kidd


My name is Suzanne. I make short personal documentaries about people
and how they connect to the world.
We all have a story inside of us and a golden thread that weaves through our lives.
My work is to find these stories
and translate them into poetic odes on film.
It shows the beauty in people and reveals the larger riverbeds of life that flow through us all.
I work with film because I believe in the immersive power of storytelling through filmmaking as a way
to deepen our connection to life, bridging generations.

an ode to my nan who died age 98

the first edit of ‘a heart story’ for The Kintsugi Heart [2016]

experimental short dance clip

Promo for eco & nature cemetery Hillig Meer [2014]

A fundraiser for Cusco Healing House


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A personal film is invaluable, more than a photo or words alone. Watching someone on film is a living breathing moment that can allow us to immerse with our entire being into who and what is being portrayed. These short films are a well of inspiration, especially when the images in us fade. They serve as a reminder to what is important in life.



why filmportraits?

When I returned from a long trip and my nan had turned 98, I decided to document her. To film this unique being whom I loved so much, who partly raised me when I was young. She has these intricate ways of being and the way she moved through life enchanted me.

My plan was to follow her as she did her usual things, ask her questions about the second world war, about her husband dying so young. But as I watched her through my lens, I saw her fading into a space where I could not follow her. I put down my camera and spent those last months just being her granddaughter.

When she died 6 weeks later, I dove into my archive collating the images we had created together and made this film. Still today people go back to this film, her friends, family, people she never met. To be with her, to get inspired, to be taken away into another world. Her world.

This is what film can do.


The film process is simple. We spend a day or two together during which both in conversation and silence, I film you. I intentionally work with a small camera, by myself, so you feel at ease. You go about your usual things in your own trusted environment and places that are dear to you.

The moment you decide to have a film made, we first meet to talk about your wishes and expectations, who you are and how I can best shape that into film. We make a follow-on appointment for either one or two days of filming.




There are two options to choose from depending on how many people are portrayed in one film.

All films are usually between 10 & 25 min in length.

The Intimate Film Portrait for one person consist of 1 film day + 3 edit days.
The Intimate Film Portrait portraying two people is 2 film days + 5 edit days.
The In-depth Film Portrait for one person is 2 film days + 5 edit days.
The In-depth Film Portrait portraying two people consist of 3 film days + 7 edit days.

Prices start at 1500,- euros incl. tax.

Please contact me for further details.



My name is Suzanne Schreve. My journey into creative expression brought me from biologist to freelance journalist and photographer, to filmmaker. Film captured my imagination through its versatility and ability to pull the viewer into experiencing a completely different world, immersive in sound, word and image. My inherent longing to bring people closer to nature first brought me to wildlife filmmaking. But after the birth of my daughter Flo, I put down my camera. The world continued to inspire me, walking through the forest with her, exploring, designing our first vegetable garden. Being with her opened me up to focus on the beauty of human nature. Now I film people, and since two years I also started research in Jungian psychology + mythology.

All films I make, although unique, are little pieces of poetry that connect the viewer with life and that which weaves through us all. I prefer to make small, intimate portraits.

Previous work includes: WildEarth + National Geographic Channel, AVRO Going South Documentaire, Time Out Magazine, Reed Elsevier + Murdoch Publishing Ltd.




Would you like to know more about creating a Filmportrait for yourself or a loved one or do you have any other questions? You can fill in this form or call me on the number below.

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