this short is part of the multimedia project 'before i die' and portrays some of the magnificent idiosyncrasies of 98-year-old Tera.  [2011, Dutch]








first rough cut, pure story. a heart story is part of a kintsugi ceramic art project that wishes to highlight the beauty of heartbreak as finding the treasures of life's scars [2016, English]

'There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.'  Leonard Cohen.







experimental short exploring shadow











promotional film for a nature cemetery emphasising the importance of silence. [2013, Dutch] 

before i die

a heart story 

reflections in the dark 

natuurbegraafplaats Hillig Meer 

                                                                         Cusco Healing House 



Cusco Peru, Healing House fundraiser [2012, English]


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