About Suzanne Schreve


Suzanne is a Dutch country side based photographer & filmmaker. 

With roots in ethology, travel, motherhood and a fervent passion for both human and divine nature, Suzanne's photographs are as full of life as herself. 

Her sensitive approach to any subject yields her a fine tuned resonance bringing out the most delicate of moments. And by always playing with both natural light and a documentary style, the photos possess that extra depth and a sense of purity and eclectic naturalism difficult to find in today's climate of overly produced images. Her photographs are both beautiful, soulful and rare. 

Suzanne captures all aspects of life on film, both in stills as well as in motion picture. From birth to death, and everything in between. 


email: suzanneschreve@gmail.com

ph: 0031 (0) 613839943

Based in the Netherlands & working internationally. 



Elements Expeditions // Be.Love // Xpat Journal // Duurzaam Zwanger // Luna*Pacha // AVRO // NHU (Natural History Unit South Africa) // Attero // Healing House (Peru) // WildEarth TV (South Africa) // Dutch Picture Industry // CREES Nature Conservation (Peru) // RTV NoordHolland // Gemeente Nieuw West // Natuurbegraafplaats Hillig Meer // Djuma Private Game Reserve (South Africa) // 3Flow